Friday, January 3, 2014

"-38C"..? okay...THAT's a *bit* NIPPY!

THAT WAS THE WINDCHILL AT 8:30AM TODAY!! -- I "know" THIS, because that's the TIME that I went *TO BED* at!!

Thankfully, the Temps went UP later on, as The-ELDERLY-PARENTAL-UNITS wanted to do "Their" own SHOP-FARI-ing in the Afternoon... I can understand FATHER's desire to "Escape", but I had hoped that MOTHER - [who never really dresses *properly* for these Temps!] - would've had enough of Yesterday's COLD and CROWDS to *stay* HOME..??

Then again, perhaps She'll stay PUT Tomorrow..?! -- I really DON'T feel like going ANYwhere! And, there could be SHOVELLING on the "AGENDA" once more. - Besides, I still need to FIND "Places" for YESTERDAY's *STUFF*!!

"Something" that I probably *should* have done Today, BUT, I just couldn't wrap My Mind around IT... Added *more* ROWS onto The TWO TOQUES, instead. -- Making up for the Time that I *didn't* get to Work on Them Yesterday...

Otherwise, IT was pretty much of a BORING DAY! -- Despite, the SUNLIGHT and really CUTE Belated-CHRISTMAS-CARD from SISTER-S...

HOWEVER, right NOW, I'm going to "pack it in" and GET to BED **BEFORE** SUN-*UP* for a change..?! - As I Suspect, that there *could* be "crap"-to-DO Tomorrow that I *wasn't* Expecting TO...

IT's just a "Feeling"...


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  1. Too cold here as well! But other than having to go work the overnight on Sunday in the thick of it (that is why you see me posting in the wee hours!) I plan on doing a lot of Sit And Stitch in upcoming days!

    Stay warm, Shan!


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