Thursday, January 2, 2014

THE PLAN: Go Shopping for Those NEEDED Supplies - **ALONE**!!

..yeah.. so THAT "happened"... [*not!*]
  • -25C Temps! -35C Windchills!
  • The "Threat" of Another GINORMOUS SNOW STORM headed THIS WAY!! - maybe.. - Actually, We got seriously LUCKY and IT slipped by to the SOUTH of Us on IT's way to SMUCK the EAST COAST!
  • I had a LIST of WHAT-TO-GET and WHERE-TO-GO - depending on how the WEATHER turned out...
  • I was also hoping to be HOME by Sundown...
  • HOWEVER...
  • "Alone" - I *would* have been HOME by 5pm!
  • With the ELDERLY-PARENTAL-ATTACHMENT in tow, it was closer to 8pm!! - And, I'd only gone to THREE Stores! Sooo GLAD that I had left Her at MICHAEL'S whilst I had whipped through WALMART...
  • Then again... That FULL Cart of Once-Really-Expensive-HOLIDAY-RIBBONS that were ON-SALE for *JUST* a **DOLLAR**, should have been My "FIRST-CLUE"!?
  • yeah... I bought SOME, too... The ONES *without* the GLITTER!
  • And, a LONE BALL of YARN...
  • DARKNESS and FOUR-LARGE-BAGS full *LATER*, We were on Our Way to LOBLAWS - "FOR" the NEEDED-GROCERIES that I didn't Find at WALMART... [at least, *that* was My "Original"-PURPOSE!]
  • One-Minute, I see Her Several-Aisles away in "Frozen-Foods" as bent down to get some EGGS - [the PRIMARY-GOAL-of-the-Day] - and, She's GONE! - great...
  • I reTRACE to "where" She LAST "was"..? - nada...
  • screw it! -- I head over to the "Housewares"-OTHER-STUFF-Section. I *know* that She'll "eventually" GO there.
  • [oh. Some picked-over Christmas-Crap...] - I peruse for a Moment, then head toward the Front of the Store to where the MAJORITY of IT is... AND, apparently MOTHER! - [btw, She PHONED Me when I was halfway over There!]
  • That FULL-CART Thing, is becoming a BAD-HABIT! - [But, when Some GOOD-*Crap* is down to "24-Cents"..? Even *I* get LURED to "The-DARKSIDE"!]
  • hmm... WRAPPING-PAPER with "KNITTING" on Them... And, CLEAR-COLOURED-"CELLOPHANE" Rolls too...
  • NUTS! It's *AFTER* 7pm!!
  • yay! EMPTY CHECKOUT-Lines... I HAUL MOTHER and Our TWO Carts over...
  • o-kay... NOW, I've got to "origami" THIS STUFF *into* The CAR! -- And THEN, "INTO" the HOUSE!?! - [which took Me over 10-Minutes to do, BTW! - IN the COLD!]
  • That STORM totally MISSED Us - [at least for Now..]
  • MOTHER appears to be "Shopped"-OUT for a while..? -- I HOPE!
  • Sweet! - The CASHIER seems to have "missed" TWO of those WRAPPING-PAPERS..? - [Blame the OTHER-CASHIER-GUY for "helping" Her! - Whatever, "saved" a whole 48-Cents! woohoo!]
  • huh. Remind Me to never buy BANANAS again when the Temps are at -25C and Colder and They have to be in the Trunk for over an Hour... [eww...]
  • BTW, does ANYONE need any RIBBON..?
  • And, *yes* KIDS, "GLITTER" does get E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E!!

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  1. I stopped working at Michaels three weeks ago and I'm still finding glitter. I suspect I will find it untiil the Fourth of July or somewhere around there.

    We're about as cold as you are right now, and they've already called off school for Monday as the high is supposed to be about -15F with windchills anywhere between -35 and -60F!


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