Saturday, January 25, 2014


F.Y.I. - For Those of You Who Have NEVER Experienced the WHACKY-WICKED-WILES-of-WINTER-WEATHER:

IT can *CHANGE* - Literally -
And, be totally "DIFFERENT" just a Block away...

Anyhoo... There's suppose to be the ODD FLURRY Tonight. TEMPS will be DROPPING *AGAIN*, followed by another bounce-back UP so IT *can* SNOW some more later Tomorrow! - Likely, right AFTER I've CLEARED-UP *Tonight's* Allotment...

EARLIER... IT was "CLEAR" Out when We headed for MICHAEL'S... Although, I could SEE a BAND of SNOW-CLOUDS approaching... *QUICKLY*!

As USUAL, We had spent MORE Time in There than We "needed" to! -- I just picked-up These "TIN"-TILES... [They're actually more COPPERY...]

crap. -- FLAKES are FALLING! - The Roads are going to get *MESSY*! - SOON!

nuts! -- We still have to go over to WALMART for some GROCERY-"SPECIALS" *and*, I wanted to CHECK Their "SUPPLY" of Those STORAGE BOXES! - [SEE 16JAN2014 POST]

YAY! - Found ONE! - But, *ONLY* ONE! - No matter, there might still be some at the OTHER STORE..?

whatever... TIME to *GO*!!

The Roads were getting SLOPPY and the FLAKES, "Faster"... We Arrived at THE-MALL just ahead of another SQUALLY-bout!

In an effort to [haha] "TIME-MANAGE", I Let-Off MOTHER to go into the GROCERY-STORE to begin "THAT-Bit", whilst I would head over to WALMART. - However, by the Time I Parked, the "FLUFF-FEST" was *already* upon Me!!

THANKFULLY, there were a FEW BOXES Available! - I got TWO... Plus, some Additional-Stuff. THEN, had to "Sledge" BACK to THE CAR... And, fit the OTHER BOX into THESE BOXES as the WHIRLING SNOW tried to *FILL* THE VEHICLE...

seriously?! -- *WHAT* is IT with **SNOW-STORMS**
screwing-UP My "SATURDAY"-Shopping THIS Year..?!!


Fortunately, We only Live about a KILOMETER away. - YET, *SAFELY* NAVIGATING the UNPLOWED ROADWAY, in the BLOWING-SNOW, while HOPING to NOT *SLIDE* into Anyone and/or FALL "VICTIM" to *Their* Driving-PROWESS, just made the "DISTANCE" that more *LENGTHY*!

MEANWHILE, as We pulled into Our Laneway, the SQUALL *STOPPED*!?!
-- ohh-kaay...

Needless to say, with much HASTE, I proceeded to UNLOAD *STUFF* and get THE CAR into the GARAGE *while* I had the CHANCE! -- Surprisingly, I actually managed to squeeze in a QUICKIE-SHOVEL-MOP-UP of the FRONT-WALKWAY, so as *not* to Track-In any EXTRA SNOW into the HOUSE.

There was only a FAINT-Falling of FINE-Flakes as I put away the Shovel, just inside the Front of the GARAGE... But, in the scant "SECONDS" it took for Me to do so and TURN to go OUT, I was *SUDDENLY* facing a WALL-of-*WHITE* blowing across the THRESHOLD!!


It took Me about 10-seconds to CLOSE the GARAGE-DOOR, and FORGE My way *against* the SWEEPING-WIND, *into* the HOUSE!!

...gonna be a LOT of *DRIFT*-SNOW, Tomorrow...


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