Wednesday, January 22, 2014

wow. quelle surprise! THAT's "working" now!

FINALLY! - IT's only been SCREWED-UP for a WEEK!

I speak of just ANOTHER ONE of those odd *annoying* NON-FUNCTIONAL CYBER-Thingies that ALWAYS "happen" when I *least* need Them to..!! -- THIS-TIME it's been My 3-PAGE "STOCK PORTFOLIO LIST" that's up on a "usually" STABLE Financial-Site.

I could ONLY access "PAGE ONE"! -- NOT "Helpful" when the Information I NEED is ON the OTHER PAGES...

...and, suddenly IT's "working" again... YAY!

MEANWHILE, IT's "DAY-Whatever" of DEEP-FREEZINESS... But, at least IT's *SUNNY*!!

So, of course, The-ELDERLY-PARENTAL-UNITS *had* to go "OUT"! -- Despite My "Concerns" for THEIR "General Health" in DOING so... Not that THEY ever "Listen" to Me any way!


I *Enjoyed* the SOLITUDE with BLOOG-"Catch-Up" and STITCHINESS!! -- Right up UNTIL I had to CHANGE the Fading-Battery on an INTERRUPTIVE "Fire-Alarm"-Sensor!



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