Thursday, January 16, 2014

keeping to the "PURGE"-PLAN...


DESPITE being considerably TEMPTED by the MEGA-SALE-ish Pricing, I did NOT Buy *any* MORE Clothes while at OLD NAVY! -- However, I DID *succumb* to the "Spend-$15-or-More-Get-a-FREE-$5-GIFT-CARD" Deal at BULK BARN on "Junk-Food" - [it was the Last Day on the COUPON] - And, AFTER "YESTERDAY", I was in *NEED* of a bit of *BINGE-ING*!!

ah. ANOTHER "GOOD"-WEATHER Day! - WOOHOO!! -- So, *eventually*, I was off to COSTCO for the MILK-RUN... Although, when I left There, a few Suspicious CLOUDS were moving in..? Hence, I kept My subsequent SHOP-FARI-ing somewhat more Closer to HOME.

Time to hit THE-MALL...

hmm... Now THOSE look *USEFUL*!?

I came across some ON-SALE STORAGE-BINS at WALMART that are just slightly Larger than the Ones I'm currently using for My CRAFT-SHOW STUFF... THESE are a bit more squarish *and* have a really Great LID with Double-Fasteners that can actually be Secured! -- Ooooo...

Granted, even at THAT - [$10] - Price, They're *more* than what My OTHER-ONES Cost... BUT, with the Way that They "Lock", I won't have to keep buying MASKING-TAPE - [that really doesn't work well any more] - to HOLD the LIDS down! -- THAT alone will SAVE Me at least 10-Minutes when I have to PACK-UP at the end of a SHOW! - Not to mention, the SKIN-LOSS off of My FINGERTIPS!

yeah... I'm gonna have to keep an Eye out for FUTURE SALES on THIS "MODEL"!
I would've gotten MORE - [just got TWO TURQUOISE ONES] - but there's **NO** ROOM at the Moment!!


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