Thursday, January 23, 2014

well..There's a least ONE "Good Thing" about this Current "COLD SNAP"...


Not that I'm actually "MISSING" much! As, there really WASN'T Anything that I *WANTED* or was "ON SALE" any way! -- I'll SPLURGE *NEXT* WEEK!

Meanwhile... ANOTHER NON-Descript Day, "INDOORS"! -- Just taking care of some CYBER-STUFF - [whilst *certain* Things are BACK to "Working"!] - a bit of Laundry. And, finally getting around to fiddling with that DIGITAL-FRAME I bought ages AGO! - [SEE 26DEC2010 POST]

I managed to "RESCUE" IT from the STUFF-ALANCHE "Debris"... Actually, I had been Planning on making an "EXPLORATORY" Mission to Retrieve IT at some point, *SOON*-ish..? -- But, it looks like "DISASTER" *SAVED* Me the "Trouble"!

Anyhoo... I needed The DEVICE to Remedy a DIFFERENT "DILEMMA"...
As in, *MOTHER*!

SISTER keeps sending Me PICTURES to Show Her... However, having to DISCONNECT and LUG My LAPTOP Upstairs, and thenFIND a spot to PUT IT... And, SET IT UP so She can SEE IT properly... Let alone, FIND TIME to DO it all...??

I'm really "hoping" that THIS will *WORK*..?!


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