Saturday, January 4, 2014

uh-oh.. Another "SIGN" of *THE APOCALYPSE*!?!

[well, on a "Personal"-Level anyway...] - AS I SEEM TO HAVE JUST TAKEN UP "BIRD-WATCHING"!?!

Actually, IT was sorta of difficult NOT to! - Ever since the Mounds of SNOW have come off the JUNIPER TREE out Front, We've been SWARMED by a FLOCK of CEDAR-WAX-WINGS! -- And, a Couple of ROBINS, who I believe are the "Ring-Leaders"..? - Plus, a Bunch of STARLINGS...

Anyhoo... They've ALL been BUZZING about the TREE like Giant-Mutant-Humming-Birds as They try to FEAST on the BERRIES! - Right Outside of Our high-up smallish Kitchen Window...

Sooo... WHEN I probably *should* have been DOing "USEFUL"-Stuff - [whilst The ELDERLY-PARENTAL-UNITS were actually "OUT-Together-on-a-SATURDAY!"] - *I*, was "Testing" My NEW CAMERA on the Front-Walk AERIAL-SHOW!

BTW, those INDIGO-esque JUNIPER-BERRIES - [and the "Mystery"-RED-BERRIES from the Other TREE-BUSH] - really are a tad STAIN-ish... Especially, *after* being "ORGANICALLY-RECYCLED"... They DO get *on* EVERYTHING! - [..had to *clean* The CAR off when The E.P.U. got back..]


HERE are a FEW of the "BETTER" PICS... There would have been More, but by the TIME - [as the Afternoon "Lighting" was beginning to WANE!] - I'd get a "Shot" all lined-up, They'd either FLY-OFF or I'd lose Them while trying to Find Them once again through the TELEPHOTO-Lensing!

-- BTW, I'm still fiddling with the AUTO-FOCUS on that Camera... [Looks great on the View-Screen, but Fuzzy on the Computer...]

It has a bright Yellow Band across the Tip of Its Tail-Feathers.
As if it's been dipped into some Paint!

I thought that there was only ONE ROBIN...

...However, there's actually at least TWO!

a "spying" STARLING with "Winter-Feathers"


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