Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Laneway is Sooooo ICY...


Between Sunday Night's bouts of RAIN and Yesterday's *FLASH*-FREEZING WINDS, it's a WONDER that I could actually get OUT of the HOUSE *TO* the GARAGE! -- I've been using the ICE-HOE as a "WALKING"-STICK!

Apparently, I had gone OUT to "CHOP" about 2-Hours TOO Late! The TEMPS had DROPPED too quickly and the WIND was FREEZING the WATER-TRAPPED-BETWEEN-THE-ICE-LAYERS almost as soon as I could "FREE" IT!! -- It didn't take long for it to be pretty much of a LOSING BATTLE! -- After an Hour, I "SURRENDERED"!!

However, "TODAY", the SUN was OUT! - More just for "show" I imagine, as the TEMPS were back in that -25C Range again... NO MATTER, I had SHOP-FARI-ing to DO! -- *ALONE*, this Time!

Anyhoo... ROAD CONDITIONS were Better than EXPECTED as I made My Way to COSTCO for the "MILK-RUN"... As well as being LESS CROWDED than the Last Time! Although, by the Time I LEFT There, the SUN was Dangerously IN My Eyes for *most* of My Journey to TRAINYARDS! -- The SLOWER-TRAFFIC along the Way was actually HELPFUL!

So, FIRST-STOP was FARMBOY for some GROCERY-GETTING... pooh!! They're NO longer carrying My FAV BLUEBERRY-JUICE!?! - [That only leaves Me with ONE Source now!] - ggrrrr...

Somewhat PERTURBED by that "NEWS", I headed to MICHAEL'S for some - *hopefully* - "BARGAIN-THERAPY"..?? -- yeah.. okay.. Not *that* much... But, enough to need to USE a "COUPON"!

Strangely, I did *NOT* "Buy" ANY YARN!! -- It *must* be THE COLD..!?!

Speaking of Which, the Hour was "LATE" when I Departed, *still* with had MORE GROCERIES to GET!! -- Time to Head *closer* to HOME...

By Now, MOST of "CHRISTMAS-STUFF" at LOBLAWS had already been pillaged and picked-over by the "HOARDING-HORDES" - [like - *cough* - MOTHER]


 Since I already had a Lot in My Cart, and the TEMPS were a tad harsh for CERAMICS, I only "RISKED" Buying TWO BOWLS and TWO PLATES... - [seriously. I *needed* to buy Something "YARNish"!!] - On Later "Reflection", though, I probably *should* have gotten MORE! - There were some CANISTERS that were also Tempting...

*IF*, THEY're still THERE *and* ON-SALE the NEXT TIME that I go, then I WILL get MORE!


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