Sunday, October 31, 2010


LOOK WHO came "Treating" at Our Door!!

Ah, My Great-Nieces... ALWAYS the "Fashion" DIVAs!

Check out those JEANS!

It took LITTLE PRINCESS BIG-RED a few minutes to awaken, and gaze across Her GENE POOL of Paparazzi People...

A quick Bottle and Burping by OLD NANA [MOTHER --> ], managed to Bribe Her into Milking the whole "CUTE BABY" Act She had going.

It even worked WHEN, it took THREE of Us to CHANGE Her very MESSY Diaper! -- The Shirt and Jeans escaped the smearing of THE BLOB, however, the rest of the Underwear -- NOT so much...

As SISTER, THE MOM, and MOTHER took to sorting out the Aftermath, I had the PRINCESS in a Towel and gave Her the remainder of Her Bottle in order to sooth all of the "Drama"...

WHY does My Left THIGH feel WET...?

Ri-ight... JUST a Towel. NO Diaper, YET! -- oh well, I had to WASH those Jeans anyway...

Once the whole DIAPER attachment was affixed, and She was wrapped up, the CUTE-BABY-MIND-TRICKS commenced. SEVEN-DAYS Old and She's already giving Me THE LOOK!

Which, pretty much WORKED, as I ended up holding Her for almost 3 HOURS while She SLEPT - in the nicely done Camo-Pink FLANNEL BLANKET that Her Big Sister PRINCESS PRE-TEEN had made for Her.

As one of Her FIRST Sewing Projects, PP-T did a Great Job!

Meanwhile, as I "bonded" with SLEEPING BEAUTY, SISTER, BIG-D, and THE MOM went to THE MALL!

-- Ahh, nice "Visit" Guys!?

THEY returned, just AFTER the next Diaper Change and, BEFORE the next Needed Bottle! Five minutes LATER, PRINCESS PEE was poured into Her POD, and Everyone was GONE!

Apparently, serious TRICK OR TREATING with PRINCESS PRE-TEEN was to be had and TRAFFIC was to be beat! -- But, THEY'll be back again - soon... SISTER *left* a Load of LAUNDRY drying...

And Me, with the Image of NAKED GHOSTS haunting around...! Where's My BROOM?...


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