Monday, October 4, 2010

I've gone TWI-BAL! -- I think...?

IT'S difficult to say...

TWITTER was somewhat snickety earlier Today... And, I spent waay too much Time THERE checking out My numerous LISTS! Where, I discovered this "TWIBES" thing... It's NOT a Part of TWITTER, but, sort of a Cyber "Meeting Place" for TWEEP Groups to HANG OUT..?

I joined "OTTAWASTYLE" and "BUYHANDMADE". Hopefully, it'll "help" with My little BUSINESS...
- Couldn't hurt.

Meanwhile, SORRY that THIS is seriously SHORT Today, but it's LATE and has been a BEYOND non-descript Day! Seriously. And, STILL *NO* Decor Mags in the MAIL - YET, either!!


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