Tuesday, October 12, 2010

On TOP of The World!


THE CHILEAN MINERS are being "Rescued" as I type... It's BEYOND Doubtful that *any* of My BLOOG Posts will ever top THAT!!

Especially, as I spend My Time continuing My push to COMPLETE The LSP. It was just another boring little Day...

O-kay...except.. maybe for that POSTCARD of a GREY Squirrel I got in the MAIL. And, watching the RED One - [I'm still thinking that IT's really a Squirrel-Chipmunk hybrid] - going NUTS over *every* Bird-Abandoned Sunflower Seed on Our porch!

Then again, at the End of the Day, the on-going 21st-Century "JULES VERNE"-esque Rescue is still waay MORE exciting and rewarding!!


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