Saturday, October 23, 2010

My **100th** Day of POSTING!!

WOW!! Have I been at THIS for THAT Long?!!

ARE You Guys having *FUN* yet?

Anyway... I *had* hoped to "Celebrate" this MILESTONE with a "certain" BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT. But, alas, NOT quite yet... Which, perhaps is a good thing, as Today was already the 1st BIRTHDAY of PRINCESS PRE-TEEN's Other Half-Sister! -- It would have been waay too much DRAMA...

So, I settled for the $7. LOTTERY WIN, the lovely SUNNY Day, and coming across a rather gracious
"Shout Out" in an Interview Article from the wonderfully, multi-Talented *Celebrity* "MOMMY" of One of My "BABIES"! -- THANKS "R"!!

Meanwhile, as to Today's "Adventures"...

Quite often, MOTHER & I come up with a "THEME" Word - or Phrase - for the Day... Today's was:

Seriously, what's the Deal here, People? -- Every time that We came out of some Store and/or Mall EXIT, it was almost like some FLASHOVER!

And, BTW, FYI... it wouldn't HURT to perhaps be DOWNWIND of Everyone ELSE when You "light up" WHILE STANDING IN A CROWDED QUEUE!! Not to mention, when Someone standing NEXT to You, starts "coughing" Their Lungs OUT - that should BE Your first CLUE!

I'm just saying... *MANNERS*!!

Okay, moving on from My personal little Tirade...

After treating the Car to a stretch of FRESHLY Paved Roadway, Our first stop of the Day was at an annually held Church Bazaar in the MANOR PARK Area... For once, I got quick Parking and didn't get Rained on! Which, is probably "WHY" - what with Universal *Balance* being the way it is - We ended up in the Door-Opening-Queue being surrounded by Three SMOKERS!

Sometimes, I find *Karmic* ZEN, to be just a bit MUCH first thing in the Morning...

Whatever, We didn't stay too long, since it was more BAKE and BOOK Sale. However, that still didn't stop us from loading up a BAG of STUFF for about $10. between Us!

Here's some of MY Assortment..

  • A Box of NOTE CARDS featuring a selection of 19th Century "Classical Romance" Art Pieces.
  • A PURSE made of MOTHER-OF-PEARL Chips.
  • A skillfully done FLORAL CROSS-STITCH on Satin - Ready to be sewn into a Cushion Cover.
  • A HAZELWARE "Colony" BOWL - one of two that were later purchased at the nearby SALLY ANN.

Got THIS pristine NEW ZEALAND [been there!!] LINEN TEA TOWEL at the Bazaar too.

From the Church, it was a stop at the VANIER SALLY ANN, then on to "Grocery" Shopping... We spent the next few Hours with forays to TRAINYARDS, The BIG MALL, THE MALL, and Our local CANADIAN TIRE Store. Where, I met a VERY Strapping OZZIE giving out FREE Mini Tire-Pressure Thingies...

Hmm.. And, it was not long after that "interaction", that I bought that WINNING Lottery Ticket...

-- Okay. So. Perhaps, I am up a couple of Notches on that whole "KARMA" deal Today, after all...


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