Friday, October 22, 2010

..Hey.. Was THAT a *SNOW*-Flake?!!

FOR the "Record"... I have YET to Personally *actually* SEE a SNOWFLAKE... However, there were Reports of "possible" SIGHTINGS earlier in the Day in the Outlying Areas... And, the odd Rumour of Them showing up Tonight. Which, wouldn't surprise Me at all, as it was freaking FREEZING Today!!

I believe the *EVIL* Word - "WINDCHILL" - may have been HEARD upon the strongly gusting BREEZES...

I sooo stayed INDOORS!

Did some Cyber-"House-Keeping", caught up on My E-Mailing, whipped up THESE WASHCLOTHS in that new TIDE DYE Yarn....

Meanwhile, would like to get a couple more done BEFORE I turn in... We've got a Big Church Rummage Sale to check out in the Morning! With this COLD, it's highly doubtful that ANYone would Brave doing a Yard Sale! -- It's the warmth of Church "Basement" Bazaar Season now.


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