Thursday, October 21, 2010

CRAFT SHOW "Season" Has NOW Started


"HOLIDAY" Craft Show Season... The FIRST of the Major "Regulars" is The SIGNATURES Show over at LANSDOWNE PARK. Four days of Artsy/Crafty CANADIAN HANDMADE STUFF!

SEE!  MOTHER even bought Me The BAG! -- Has Anyone else "noticed", that it's no longer "Getting-The-T-Shirt" - but, "Getting-The-RECYCLED-MADE-Bag"...?

Personally, I still believe that the 
"Clothing" is by far, much more useful. Think about it... You can "wear" it AND, use it as a

But, I digress...

Anyway, We got THERE around 11-ish... When it was still mostly SUNNY out. Was WINDY too - You could "almost" SMELL the "Snow" in the AIR...

There was a good Crowd, but thankfully, NOT over-whelming. Lots and Lots of COOL STUFF! Spotted a few RHINOS... One of the Regular ARTISANS is a GLASS-BLOWER. Pretty much ALL of His Items have GOLD in them! Hence, they were on the Higher Price side, but still exquisitely fashioned. He had 2 RHINOS! Very SHINY! And, Tempting....

Speaking of My FINE ART "Fetish", the Other One I had located, was at the ALICIA WISHART Booth. She does these brilliantly VIVID-Coloured Acrylic PAINTINGS of Animals... Yet, manages to transform whatever striking Hues into amazing Visual TEXTURE. Check out Her Website GALLERY - the PURPLE RHINO is to WISH FOR! Definitely on My "LOTTERY LIST"!

Another favourite Booth had these Fantastic "CUTTING" BOARDS/TRAYS... Made by ANDY BENKO - MILVERTON FURNITURE He had a vast selection of Exotic Woods. Most were TOO beautifully done to USE Food around them!


We ended up spending a good twenty minutes or so, chatting with TWO enchanting YOUNG LADIES from Montreal, who do THESE absolutely Fun-looking FELTED Pieces!

MARILOU is the one on the RIGHT. I never did get the Other One's name.

Whatever, They were wonderful to converse with! And, I think I may have managed to convince MARILOU to start Her own BLOG. I'll let You know if She does.

Meanwhile, as We were leaving Their Booth, I was "spotted" by one of MY Regular CUSTOMERS! -- Ahh... Business "Recognition", gotta luv it!

Eventually, We tore Ourselves away... I didn't want to get stuck in any of the approaching "Rush Hour" Traffic. Along the Route, We stopped off at BILLINGS BRIDGE MALL for few moments. I usually have to turn in there anyway, to get onto the proper Road... I think I spent more time PARKING, than IN the MALL!

FYI, People! The "LINES" are there FOR a Reason!

BTW, remember My "little" FACTORY ENDS "Haul" of the Other Day... I managed to "convince" MOTHER into making a STOP at that "Location"... The End RESULT - cashed in My available STORE POINTS and picked up 5 MORE Bags!

I *really* NEED to SORT out My YARN & Other STUFF Room!

OH! Hey!  My SISTER and BIG-D dropped by Tonight on Their way to MOM+BUMP-Waiting-To-POP!
They'll be in the "Area" for a while... AND, with many a Tale to Tell, I'm sure!


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