Monday, October 18, 2010

..Psst! Is the Coast Clear...?

HAVE to SNEAK this "large" BAG of YARN past The ELDERLY PARENTAL-UNITS into the House...

"FACTORY ENDS"... what else?! Oooo... and, in *new* COLOURS!!  AND, they were ON SALE! Sorta... "Technically", they were LESS than what they've been since the Price had "recently" gone up. However, still a bit MORE than what they had been a few Months back.

Then, there's the Part, where I got these at the OTHER "Store" and SHOULD have done so on Saturday, when I COULD have gotten EXTRA "Store BONUS Points"!

-- Hang on... I just looked at My Receipt... Hmm.. I actually did get a bunch of BONUS Points Today - just not as much as I could of the Other Day... BUT, I do NOW have enough for a $10. GIFT CARD! WOOHOO!

And, We ALL *know* WHAT That's going to be SPENT on, huh?!

So, let's check out WHAT I got! -- BTW, "THIS" is the Spot, where I would INSERT a Pic of My "Purchases", but... the BATTERIES just went Out on My CAMERA! I'll try to pop a Pic in Tomorrow.


Anyhoo, back to My Booty! Only picked up 9 Packages, as I DIDN'T have a Cart with Me! The first shelf I had checked - where they usually are - only had One Bag. Then, I went around to the Other Aisle... BINGO! -- There's this Shelf with a TREASURE TROVE! Grabbed whatever I could CARRY.

There were several Bags of This Mix that I call "KELP" - with its Ferny Greens, Marine Blue, Brownish-Aubergine, and Flaxish Golds... Picked up a few of Those. There was also, the Kelly Green - NOT, a Hue that I'm particularly fond of - however, I haven't seen it before and, Others may like it. A couple of those Packages had Balls of that new Denim Shade, so I chose them, too.

There was also a Package of various Light Blues and Greens in that TIE DYE Mix. And, a Bag of BROWN in a Different Type of YARN. Which, was also a COTTON, so I got it as well - seeing as it really is a Rare Colour around Here for a COTTON.

Meanwhile, I'll have to come up with Something to DO with all that GREEN... That, will hopefully
SELL at My upcoming CRAFT SALES!!


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