Thursday, October 14, 2010

"...No. There is Another..."

AHH... The infamous Words of YODA!

So, remember that terrible TERRACE TOMATO TRAGEDY [CLICK HERE] in August...? And, the subsequent escalation? [CLICK HERE]

One of the "alleged" Suspects - SQUIRREL-MUNK - recently seen at the previous Crime Scene.

Well, unbeknownst to Most, there actually WAS a LONE SURVIVOR! Who, had been secretly put into Protected Custody and Relocated to the safety of the Kitchen Window Sill.

Since then, IT has recovered to finally Ripen. And, Tonight, to alas, fulfill ITS Destiny!

MOTHER remarked, that IT was quite DELICIOUS!



PARTS 2 & 3 of The LSP are now complete to the point of awaiting Their Final BORDER TRIM. Progress will once again, return to PART 1.

A little over 3 Weeks until My First CRAFT SALE - We've secured 3 Tables at the Event for Myself, MOTHER, and Our Neighbour, MADAME Q. It'll be Their first time at that Venue - should be FUN!

Oh! And, I caught THIS [CLICK HERE] gorgeous little GUY on the NEWS Tonight! A New Born EASTERN BLACK RHINO! - I am sooo smitten!!  Is HE just too CUTE or what?!


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