Saturday, October 16, 2010

Why, YES, Carolyn! "FIBER-FAIRIES", *Do* Exist!


I got seriously LUCKY, and, unearthed a "bag" with almost enough of the much *needed* DYE LOT. As well as a few matching Scraps from an earlier abandoned "Experiment"... I succeeded with a few feet of Yarn to spare!

ALL, that is left to do now, is the BORDER TRIM on all THREE PARTS of The LSP. It's "possible" that I might be able to get that DONE Tomorrow... Barring of course, any major REALITY SHOW
"Moments"! -- I have to remember to do some Laundry too...

Well, despite the fact that MOST of the Day managed to stay SUNNY, it was nevertheless, quite WINDY! And, at the odd times, a touch BLISTERY... There was a System of ominous CLOUDS blowing in from the GATINEAU HILLS that - thankfully - kept on GOING!

And the WIND, certainly didn't help with the YARD SALE prospects either! We only found a single small uninteresting one in Our Neighbourhood, and then, a much more worthy prospect over in Our "Regular Haunt".

Which, was where I spotted the BELOW Pseudo-PRE-YARN creature!  I did NOT buy it - actually, I never asked the Price. However, it did remind Me of KRISTIN NICHOLAS' recent BLOG Post, with its photos of Her *real* SHEEP!

Oh! And, LOOK! An array of several different Autumn LEAVES....

Anyhoo... Not to despair, I *did* BUY Something!  Picked up THIS lovely ART BOOK for a DOLLAR!


By Pierre Courthion

Translated by John Shepley

Hardcover edition

Publisher: New York Harry N. Abrams, Inc. , Publishers 1977

ISBN Number: 0810911124

AFTER spending a fair amount of Time at that location, We headed over to the nearby SALLY ANN. Didn't buy anything there... ONLY, because MOTHER "wouldn't" let Me GET the 2 rather Stylish METAL RACK STANDS... And, the Price was good, too!

There was some "question" regarding them actually fitting INTO the Car - I think the Width of the Vehicle would have been FINE! But then, there was the PART about where they would go IN the House... -- I think that I could have gotten one into My tiny Bathroom...

Whatever, they were really COOL looking! - A polished GREY, thick metal "wire". Although, I'm still wondering about WHAT they were Originally "designed" for... Possibly, as some fancy CD Rack..? However, I think that they would be great to use as a place to store rolled up Towels!
...Maybe get little Storage Baskets for the bottom shelves...?

Meanwhile, if they're STILL there NEXT week.... Two Words: ZEN SHOPPING!

By the time We left there, it was getting late, so We headed out for the Grocery Run - The LIMITED version... Which, unfortunately - because MOTHER insisted - included a stop at COSTCO. One, that I would have preferred NOT to do at THAT Time of the Day!

Long story short -- ANARCHY runs RAMPANT in that Parking Lot!! -- And that's ALL I'm going to say. TRUST Me, You *don't* want to know the SORDID Details!!


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  1. I think the sheep is cute you should have bought him, you could have called him SHEP!! hehehehugs tinkx


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