Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Holiday" *Decor* Mag Day!

AS, previously mentioned, I received a "MAG" Yesterday...

December "Holiday" Issue - STYLE AT HOME:

  • P. 38 - A new twist on "Grasscloth" WALLPAPER - actual Newspaper Strips.. A rather unique [and pricy] USE for all those Recycled Tabloids!
  • P. 44 - Continuing on the "ECO" vein - Recycled Cloth REINDEER. Very "Primitive Art" cute!
  • P. 50-51 - PLAIDS! I am so loving the Lines and Fabric on the CHAIR here. And, the RALPH LAUREN FOOTSTOOL - although, I'd prefer a different Upholstry on it.
  • P. 68-72 - The MANTEL-PIECE "Stockings" from both the HIGH and LOW Pages are Quaint in their Simplicity. I'm also liking the POUL HENNINGSEN "SNOWBALL" Hanging Lamp
  • P. 92 - I really do enjoy the Design of the IKEA "Tradig" BOWL. I can so see this Thing being Flipped over and turned into a Funky LAMP SHADE!
  • P. 109 - It's an Advert Page, but the CUPCAKE PILLOW Embroidery Kit is Sweet!! - Pun intended.
  • P. 122-129 - Very WINTER Homey. It's the Antique Pieces and FOOT-wide Floor Boards that do it for Me!
  • P. 136 [P. 5] - The CRYSTAL CUBE CHANDELIER.. I'm starting to see more of These in the MAGS, and I'm seriously liking Them! -- Elegant, simple, shiny, and appears to WORK with several different Decorating Motifs without being over-powering. The One on this Page is from SOUTH HILL HOME, however, ELTE appears to have More. I have been unable to identify the Designer yet.
  • P. 144-149 - KUDOS for doing a "Photo-Spread" on a Traditional Wintertime HOLIDAY Celebration **OTHER THAN** "Christmas"!  I'm sure that there are even MORE of Them out there besides HANUKKAH, too...
  • P. 158 - Roasted Onions With Stuffing -- YUMM!!
  • P. 194 - I really DO have to find Time to get back to doing CREWEL!


"BABY EASTER" with Her new MOM and Auntie NANI-W

HEY! Check it out!

I received BABY EASTER's "Adoption" Photo in My E-Mail Box Today!! Word has it that She's doing quite well with Her new Baby-Sister!


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  1. Beautiful Sno, they decided on a name yet??? hope they are all well hugs tinkx


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