Monday, November 8, 2010

"Bag" Booty!

TODAY'S "Goals" were to: (1) Get MILK -- (2) Drop by the New MICHAEL'S in order to take advantage of the MANY "Time Limited" Discount Coupons that I had. -- (3) Anything ELSE that We happened to Remember to DO and/or that "Came up"...

This whole TIME CHANGE Thing is still screwing up the Bio-Rhythms... We ended up leaving the House LATER than we'd hoped. But, hey, at least the Weather was Nice!

For once, COSTCO wasn't the usual War Zone! I think the longest Time period, was spent waiting for MOTHER to come out of the Ladies' Room.

So, from There, it was straight to MICHAEL'S at TRAINYARDS. Got My new Fav "Parking Space" again! We walk in, to be HAPPILY Greeted by PRETTY YARN DEMO GIRL, a couple of OTHER CHEERY WORKERS, the STRAPPING MANAGER, and "Rod" - The DISTRICT MANAGER!

AND, Most of THEM *Remembered* Me from LAST WEEK, too! -- Must be My HAT...

Anyhoo... We chatted THEM all up. MOTHER "happened" to make mention - jokingly, in Her "Little-Old-Lady" fashion - that She was "disappointed" that We had "missed out" on getting Their FREE
[to the FIRST 100 Customers] BAGS on OPENING DAY...

OBSERVE: "Rod", expertly slipping off to the CHECKOUT Counters and swiftly returning *with* TWO "Complimentary" BAGS!

THIS is WHY, He's a District Manager! -- Too bad, that the Mayoral Election is over, I would have been tempted to "Pencil-In" His Name!

Meanwhile, We ended up spending more TIME, rather than MONEY, in the Place. I've still got LOTS left on that GIFT CARD. All We got were "little" Things, that We probably wouldn't waste money on buying, if We were using Our own cash. -- Here's My Stash...

I just got the Large Size CIRCULAR KNITTING NEEDLES - for whenEVER I get around to doing something with that WHITE BUFFALO Yarn I got a while back. After My last "Knitting" venture, I prefer Fatter Needles!

Also, got the lovely LAVENDER DUCT TAPE... I need to do some minor Repairs to My DISPLAY RACKS - figured that "Coloured" Tape wouldn't make it look so hideous! -- And, here's My *new* FREE MICHAEL'S BAG!

As to the awesome BIG BALL of BERNAT "Handicrafter" Cotton Yarn... I found THIS Puppy and 4 Others over at the WALMART, across the Way. I'm calling this Colour - GUMMI GRAPE - for now. I've been hoping for this Shade to come out... Actually, if it were a few notches Darker, it would be better.. but, until then - I guess, I'll just HAVE to settle on THIS One, huh?

And, for once, these are pretty much the Proper PURPLES!


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  1. Love that purple sno!! Knitting huh?? this i have to see!! hehe hugs tinkx


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