Thursday, November 4, 2010

..still busy.. making progress... *NUTS!* I lost the GPS signal...

ALMOST had a Pharaoh-ic Moment - BURIED in the Middle of My "Storage" Room by ALL of My STUFF! Alas, I did succeed in tunnelling My way OUT!

No Lie... I've got this 10'x12' Room that is literally FULL! Packed up Boxes of "Things" for - what I call - The-House-I'll-Never-Own. Then, there's the Dozen or so Containers of INVENTORY...

You've SEEN My PAGES of "Baby Pics" - [If NOT, then CLICK on Over RIGHT NOW! And then, Come BACK Here!] - WAITING for Homes!

And, Let's NOT forget about ALL of the YARN!!  -- DO the Math! SINCE, starting this BLOOG, I've "acquired"... maybe, 10 or more CUBIC FEET worth?!

There's this NARROW "Path" into The ROOM that goes about 4 feet IN... through the 6-foot HIGH Stackings... And, of course, the CRAFT SALE Equipment has been Stored UNDER the Latest Additions! -- I've got to say, that "On Sale" FOLDING 2-STEP LADDER I bought a couple of years ago... A Blessing!

Anyway, I finally FOUND Everything that I was looking for. Most of The GEAR is Ready to GO! Just have a few Last Minute Items to attend to Tomorrow, before PACKING the Car. The ONLY
"Concerns" left are The WEATHER, and MOTHER's ability to BE ready to Leave WHEN I AM!!

So far, it's been Raining on and off all Day. Suppose to be much MORE of the Same, Tomorrow. At Present, "rumour" has it, that it will be SUNNY on Saturday, BUT, with the "possibility" of SNOW FLURRIES!!

I'm hoping, hoping, HOPING, that any "Flurries" will hold OFF, until AFTER We GET Home!

Meanwhile, have to get This POST off... Would have sooner, but My silly ECO-Light BULB went on Me! Luckily, I happened to HAVE a Spare One! I truly do MISS My OLD Power-Hungry Bulbs... These NEW Ones, they SMELL when they Burn Out! ...that can't be good...

BTW, Thanks FAIRY-T! I'm keeping the Claws & Hooks crossed Myself!


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