Saturday, November 27, 2010

You Are WHAT You BUY...

WHICH, makes Me either "YARNFUL" *or* "CRABBY"!! Then again, in MY Case, "BOTH" pretty much sums up My Day!

WALMART went and brought out MORE Colours, AGAIN..! -- Do You have *any* idea how DIFFICULT it is for Me to come up with *new* NAMES for These Things!? Seeing as, I'm really not that fond of the ones that They are originally given... Most of the Time...

Anyhoo... Found MORE of the GUMMI GRAPE. And, it looks like IT's part of the Rest of this LOT. Let's see... That Pinkish one [TOP] is rather close in Shade to My SHELLPINK - I think I'll call it, SHELLBUD. The Mix [RIGHT] with the GUMMI GRAPE and SHELLBUD... I'm going to go with GUMDROP. And, the [BOTTOM] Greenish one - GRAPESEED. Actually, the Green should be *more* Green!

Hmm....This last one [LEFT] is tough... Okay. "For Now", let's try SHELLWOOD. [..don't ask...] -- Besides, ALL Yarn NAMES are Subject to Change Without Notice - especially, IF I come up with something BETTER!

At any rate, I picked up 14 BIG BALLS total. A "few" more than I probably should have...
There goes My CRAFT SALE "Profit"! -- I'm going to have to hire STEPHEN HAWKING to do the
"Dimensional" Math for Me. I'm sure with a tad bit of tweeking, We can find a "Reality" where this LOT, *will* FIT into THE ROOM!

And, YES... I'll admit it - I "suffer" from O.C.Y.B.D. - Obsessive-Compulsive YARN BUYING Disorder!

I should probably get T-Shirts made... Hmm... I may be on to Something here... MUST do some

Meanwhile, I'm thinking... that SHELLWOOD will be perfect for LITTLE PRINCESS BIG-RED's future BLANKET... I might even use the GRAPESEED instead of LIME. -- I'll have to Colour Match them with the Pictures later...

As for the REST of My Day...

  • NEEDED to go to the Bank. Why is it that Everyone in FRONT of Me has 10 Minutes of Stuff to DO!?
  • Big 2-Day SALE at OLD NAVY! And, of course, the DISCOUNT Coupon was for YESTERDAYBut, hey, I got some *wicked* Reindeer PJ Bottoms!
  • After dumping the Naval-ware into trunk, went down that STRIP MALL to fetch MOTHER from BOWRING... As We left, the "cha-ching" sound of "Something" BREAKING was heard... Was **NOT** Us!!
  • Quickie Stop at THE MALL - No new FACTORY ENDS. Got the needed SALE Item at The Pharmacy.
  • Hauled out to a certain Grocery Store. FOUND some of FATHER's Fav Yogurt - We had thought that it had been discontinued...
  • Skirted the EDGE of the *new* It-has-to-be-THE-Stupidest-Place-to-PUT-it! ROUNDABOUT! Yeah.. just WAIT until the FIRST really good Accident in a Snow Storm *during* Rush Hour!
  • WALMART - See ABOVE. And, My much needed Fav JUICE!
  • Despite the GLARING Sunlight, encountered squally headwind on Highway heading back Toward Home... A good thing that the Car was so weighted down, as I could almost feel it LIFTING on Me a couple of times!
  • Another Grocery Store.
  • Back at THE MALL - where, just across from TICKET WICKET GUY, We met the Sweet and Lovely "Pre-TEENish" BRIANNA! Maker of Many CREATURES... She was selling Them for a Dollar Each for Charity... I chose THIS Guy... I'm calling Him "CRAB-BRI".

  • Then, finished up with the Grocery Store there. Their Young Awesome-CHOCOLATE-Samples-DEMO-GUY became My *new* BEST FRIEND!
  • Finally, as the SUN set, We arrived HOME! With MANY trips on the VERY *slippery* Patches of the "..don't worry, it'll Melt.." ICE to unload the FULL Trunk!
  • I never did get around to picking up My Replacement Earphones at FUTURE SHOP...


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