Friday, November 26, 2010

'Tiss the Season...


yeah, yeah... I know! A lot of You have ALREADY been There, been DOING That!

Anyway... We had FREEZING RAIN and a smattering of SNOW last Night. Enough to put a half inch of ICE on Our Laneway beneath an inch or two of SNOW. FATHER insisted that it would MELT. Eventually...

And, oh yeah, BTW, "...We're going out to do Groceries..." -- Where'd I put My "Shovelling" Clothes...?

I had to get the Task reasonably done, as the LAST thing I need right now, is having one of the Elderly PARENTAL-UNITS slipping and breaking "something"! -- It doesn't help that Our Lane faces NorthWest. The accompanying CLOUD Cover only enhanced the ambiance...

So, I spent well over an hour - pacing Myself - with the scraping and chipping at the ICE SHEET. And, flashing the odd passing PLOW-SALT-TRUCK GUY with the Evil-DON'T-You-even-THINK-about-Dumping-that-Crap-IN-My-Lane "Glare"!

And, of course, the SUN peeps out AFTER They pull out! I spent another hour trying to help the
"melting" process along... I just HOPE it works, I have MUCH running around to DO, Tomorrow!

Meanwhile.... just to keep You Guys occupied... Here's another of My "BABIES" in My "ICE CREAM"



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  1. you take care and mind what you'r doing with that shovel young lady!! hugs tinkx


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