Tuesday, November 2, 2010

**WOOHOO**!! Happy Dance!!!

GOOD NEWS - The SUN was OUT!! Despite, the Cool Temps...

BAD NEWS - MOTHER got Me out of Bed earlier than I would have LIKED, because the TV CABLE was OFF... She didn't have the Proper Phone Number handy...

REALLY GOOD NEWS - Got a Voicemail Message from the New MICHAEL'S Store saying that I had WON a $100. GIFT CARD!!!

Hmm... I have GOT to ATTEND these GRAND OPENINGS more often, as this is the SECOND Time that I've Won one of those CARDS at a New MICHAEL'S...

Well, there's SISTER's and MOTHER's "Christmas" Gifts pretty much covered!

So. I popped on over to the TRAINYARDS Area... Ah. The newly installed TRAFFIC LIGHTS are finally operational. About time!

A busy, busy place this Latest MICHAEL'S. New STAFF stocking the Shelves in the YARN Section. More than enough CHECKOUT CLERKS keeping Themselves occupied. "Happy Face" Perkiness abounded! -- They must also get STOCK OPTIONS...

Received My much coveted GIFT CARD, and went "Power Browsing"... It would have been impolite to just leave.

Oh, hey.. There's some more of that "on sale" RIBBON. AND, in the Colours that I would have preferred on Saturday. Now, have to find some more of that Yarn-looking WRAPPING PAPER -- Nuts! Only one left...

Meanwhile, I keep getting these 50% vouchers from the Store - that are ONLY good for "certain" DATES... Going to SAVE My CARD for Then. Got My Eye on a particular CIRCULAR KNITTING NEEDLE. Don't want to WASTE My FREE "MONEY"! -- It's not going anywhere, and I'm in no rush... I can BE patiently frugal, when need be.

Besides, I believe there was suppose to be some Ginormous ROCK "passing" The PLANET Today? I've already beaten that whole "Astronomical" Odds thing ONCE... I'm NOT about to mess with FATE, and/or the Rest of The UNIVERSE! It's bad enough, that They've knocked off the CABLE!

Hey, I even sent MICHAEL'S a "Thank You" TWEET! -- Just "covering" My Karmic Tush!

Anyhoo... the CABLE is BACK now, and I've got PREP WORK to DO! 


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