Thursday, November 25, 2010

..psst! ..DON'T Tell....

MOTHER & FATHER that I got Them THESE silly little Ornaments for Christmas! -- HE has this Thing for POLAR BEARS, and SHE, BIRDS... I probably paid waay more than I should have, but, it's a cute little Shop... And, I thought they were "different"...

I had to go Downtown Today... While there, managed to find a little time to checkout the RIDEAU CENTRE really quickly. -- I actually walked away WITHOUT buying Anything!! BTW, the Next Door *new* OTTAWA CONVENTION CENTRE is shaping up nicely! "Suppose" to be OPEN in Late Spring...? Can NOT Wait!!

Also squeezed in a Banking "visit" over at THE BIG MALL. And, a quickie "hello" with My BANKER-DUDE. I escaped that Retail Blackhole sans Purchases too!

I was BUS-ing it Today, so I didn't want to Load up... Besides, all of the GOOD "SALES" aren't until Saturday! I had "considered" dropping by My Fav FACTORY ENDS "Supply" Store over at THE MALL - [haven't been there in over a week!] - however, My Last Bus Connection was right There, and it was getting late... Just HOPE that I didn't MISS any GOOD Packages!

I HATE it when THAT happens!


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