Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shadow Surfing

I HAD  debated about "going out" Today, to DO those various Items on My current "Errands & Stuff" List... However, the Weather was Cloudy earlier on - instead of being the "promised" Sunny..? And, I had planned on using Public Transit - NOT always Pleasant in questionable Meteorological Conditions...

So, I elected to remain Home, and see to the Online Tasks. Of course, the MOMENT - or near about - when I made THAT Decision... Wait. IS that the SUN I see...?

-- Tough! Too bad. I'm not falling for it... Shine, ALL you want! You had your chance. I've got Other Stuff to DO...

  • Renewed a couple of MOTHER's Magazine Subscriptions - ONLINE - as I'm tired of seeing all of those over-lapping Renewal Notices! - And, with Her trying to Remember WHICH One She PAID...
  • Sort of "figured out" how to MAKE one of those WIDGET [?] Square Thingies... It's on My SIDEBAR. If Anyone wants to ADD it to Their SITES, give Me a shout.
  • Caught up on most of My OTHER Bloog reading...
  • Going to PLAY with My new GUMMI GRAPE Yarn, AFTER I get THIS Posted!

Meanwhile... Tomorrow may end up being a "BUSY" Day, with THINGS "To DO", PEOPLE "To SEE"..!  And, it will be MRS. CLEAN's Birthday as well - She'll be 88 or 89...? I can't remember. Whatever, She certainly gets around BETTER than the REST of US!


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  1. Hi! I'm a new follower from Follow me Im canadian! I love your work! I really wish I had time to learn to knit and remember how to crochet.



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