Monday, November 22, 2010

"Member of the Week"...

SO. Apparently, that Monthly Horoscope prediction of Mine purporting of Wondrous-Awesome-Once-In-A-FULL-Blue-MOON-Spectacular "Fortunes" for this past Weekend, has germinated into the Following "GOOD NEWS" -- I, have been "selected" as This Week's *MEMBER-OF-THE-WEEK* over at the WE ARE CANADIANS Artisans Site!

Check it out:


Now, whether or not this very unexpected "Honour" - [THANK YOU, TANYA!!] - will result in an *increase* in Site VISITS, is yet to be seen. But, hey, it can't hurt, "EH"?

Whatever... Please, TAKE the Time to have a LOOK at all of the OTHER really Talented and Skilled [and much more deserving!] Members in this Amazing COLLECTIVE of CANADIAN ARTISANS!
-- See? WE can do Lots of COOL Stuff, *besides* "Snow Shovelling"!!

Meanwhile, the OTHER "Excitement" for The DAY, was The POWER going OFF for over 3 Hours!! And, of course, it HAD to be a COLD, WET, DREARY Day... *NOT* helping The Coughing any...
-- Just saying...

Anyway, JUST to be on the SAFE SIDE, I'm going to POST This EARLY!


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