Friday, November 5, 2010

..Origami THIS..!

TODAY has been - raining, raining, RAINING, raining, not raining, raining, drizzle, not raining, raining - getting DRIPPED ON along the way to the Garage to LOAD the Car - raining, RAINING, raining, not raining, not raining, drizzle, raining - took My shower - raining, not raining, drizzle, it's Suppose to STOP by Early Morning...

So. THIS is Most of My LOAD. The Ginormous Wheeled Soft-SUITCASE filled with 35 plus pounds of BLANKETS was still at the Bottom of the Stairs... Then, there's 3 or 4 more Bags... MOTHER...

It's a SMALL Car.

But, I'm a Skilled PACKER. -- Me, with a TAPE-GUN, is a Sight to Behold!

Meanwhile, the Scariest Part... even with the Removal of ALL of this VOLUME, The ROOM still doesn't look like I've made a DENT into IT!

I NEED *another* DIMENSION to store THIS STUFF!

Well, HOPEFULLY, "Some" - as in, a LOT - of IT will get Good Homes, where They can happily play with New People in New Places...

-- Speaking of which... IF Any of You READING THIS "actually" SHOWS UP, at the CRAFT SALE Tomorrow - FIND Me, MENTION the BLOOG, and GIVE the PasswordRHINOS - and I'll GIVE You a DISCOUNT!

Right. I've got to get THIS off and "maybe" [..yeah, THAT'll happen.. DREAM ON!..], get some SLEEP! Have to be UP in just a FEW Hours... I'll be BLOOGING You on the Other Side!

...not raining...


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