Monday, November 15, 2010

The "Pillage" LIST

THERE was a LIST of STUFF for Today! - A Task in TIME TRAVEL Management...

It was going to be BUSY enough, with MOST of the "Things" that I had PLANNED on doing, however, the Other Day, MOTHER elected to toss in a "BONUS ROUND" - The VALUE VILLAGE Half Price Sale!

Ah.. the VILLAGE PILLAGE... Where, FINDING "Parking" - not to mention, even trying to Drop Anyone OFF - is like a DELETED Scene from ROAD WARRIOR!

Luckily, My errands were nearby... I could MAKE this work...

  • - Called up MRS. CLEAN - who enjoys this "Event" with MOTHER - She's good with the 15 Minute Notice.
  • - The MAIL that I was hoping for Arrives just before Leaving the House!
  • - Sweep up MRS. CLEAN.
  • - Take nearby "back way" into THE BIG MALL... I'm on THE CLOCK.
  • - Head to First Banking Stop - Hoping that My "regular" strapping young BANKER-DUDE is available... There's a "slot" in 10 minutes. This works.
  • - Head to Other Banking Stop. Momentarily SHOCKED! 2 of the 3 TELLERS *are* AVAILABLE! -- Nuts! Left My CAMERA in the Car!
  • - Back up to BANKER-DUDE... Hmm, He has a *new* Office Spot. Much brighter and pleasant.. We chat. I am introduced to the mention of the Recent Phenomena of the "MAN SHOWER". I sense a whole new "Marketing Sector" opening up for Me...
  • - I "mention" My next "Sale" Appearance... I may have a "future" Customer here...
  • - Next stop, nearby Grocery Store - Get particular FOOD ITEM that I'm in need of.
  • - Head BACK to The "VILLAGE" - finally "find" Parking. Not crazy about "location". May have to "hurry" The GIRLS along...
  • - Find MRS. CLEAN - she's ready to go through CHECKOUT. MOTHER, not so much, yet...
  • - Find a few moments to do My own perusal... Oooo.. There's this cool metal-wire WHEELED-BASKET piece that would look GREAT on My Sales Table! Alas, NOT Half-Price. Regular Price not "doing" it for Me. Will be good. Won't buy it.....
  • - FINALLY leave. Then, end up being at MRS. CLEAN's House for longer than I would like. Still have MORE to DO!
  • - *I* stay Home long enough to EAT something, then off again...
  • - Manage to hit a few more Stores and get My LIST Items. Back within the Hour.

Started a couple more SCARVES Tonight. Should get at least One done Tomorrow. Staying Home!


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