Friday, March 9, 2012



HEY! LOOK **WHO's** in TOWN!?!

Since the WEATHER had been on the "Nicer" side of Late, AND, that THEY had a couple of
"Free"-Days, CPL.TAT-MOM and FUTURE-HOCKEY-DAD decided to Drive UP to OTTAWA for a "Quickie"-VISIT!

THEY were over at the *same* Nearby-Hotel that My BABY-BRO was staying at the Other Week. So, off We were, right after Dinner to go See THEM -- with MANY *Things* in-tow...

CADET-JUNIOR is just over 3-Months now. And, is quite the Strong-Little-Guy! -- I think He'll be WALKING before He can perfect any Crawl... He SMILES more, too!

Of course, THAT might have *something* to do with Him starting to OUTgrow His FROG-Suit! - [SEE 22JAN2012 POST] - I know that *I'M* Grateful!

Anyhoo, after MUCH "OLD-NANA"-Photo-Taking-Baby-Bonding-and-Finally-Convincing-FATHER-That-He-*Won't*-Drop-THE-KID-If-Holds-Him, the NEW-PARENTS-PEOPLE were OFF for a Rare "JUST-THEMSELVES" Evening!

The ELDERLY-PARENTAL-UNITS hung around for a bit Longer, before THEY too, Returned HOME.
-- And then, GREAT-AUNTIE-ness-"Bonding"-Began...

As I mentioned ABOVE, IT's been a while... But, NO Worries! He was actually *EASIER* to Look-After than His Mother was!! -- Hey, He actually SMILED in *MY* Pics! -- So, a Bottle here, a "Wet"-ONLY-[THANK-YOU!]-Diaper-Change there, *LOTS* of "Burping", a few Photos, the odd Drooling, and endless Babbling on MY part... WE were "GOOD"!

Oh! And, CAPTAIN-CALAMARI was of *great* Assistance as well! -- Having a FEW Extra HANDS around is always Helpful!

PROGENY-PRINCE was still Awake when The YOUNGER-PARENTAL-UNITS Returned before 11... A Good-Thing, seeing as IT was beginning to SNOW!!

-- Seriously. *WHAT* IS IT with My "Visiting"-Relatives ALWAYS bringing PRECIPITATION??!!

Whatever! -- IT had *better* MELT by Morning!


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