Saturday, March 24, 2012

*Winning*, Wabbits, and Whacky-Wet-Weather...


Well... "SPRING" finally figured out *WHEN* IT's suppose to BE on The Calendar! TEMPS are back *down* to "Seasonal"... So's the Precipitation -- CLOUDINESS and the odd SPRINKLE during the Day.

We decided to try out BEACON HILL MALL Today. - Haven't been to The SALLY-ANN for a Few Weeks... THEY've Reorganized the Layout - slightly - since Last Time. Didn't get ANYthing! Of course, the Store did have this "Picked over" Ambience to IT...

Perhaps, when YARD-SALE-SEASON starts up, *Selection* will IMPROVE..?!

Meanwhile, over at the SHOPPERS-DRUGMART, LINDT Chocolate had a "Product-Display"-Table going on. -- **FREE** CHOCOLATE-BUNNY SAMPLES!! And, OTHER

"FREE" and "CHOCOLATE" - Two of My FAV WORDS!!

From B.H.Mall, We popped into the nearby Grocery Store - Briefly. - NEXT, straight to LOBLAW.

Oooo...COOL!! -- "TAX-FREE-DAY"!!

After checking out the Rest of the Store, it was Time to Purchase-Peruse the JOE FRESH Section! Found a Couple of Lovely COTTON-WOOL GREY SWEATERS - A Cardigan and Pullover.

"On SALE" *and* "TAX-FREE"!! - Two of My FAV *DOUBLE*-WORDS!! ..oh..wait! Make that *Three* - "LOTTERY-WIN"!!



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  1. The weather has straightened itself here too...there was just something disturbing about 75 degrees and green grass sprouting mid-March in Minnesota!!

    I'm off from work this next week (spring break for the school kids) so I hope to do some serious shopping and bargain hunting and discover some of my favorite words too!


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