Tuesday, March 27, 2012

..wait...I Thought **YOU** Had The "COUPON"..?!!

NUTS!! -- well... So much for getting *another* BALL OF WOOL at a Discount... It's not like I have "The-ROOM" anyway...

Guess I'll *just* have to Use My
to get *more* RIBBONS and OTHER "ON SALE" STUFF instead, huh?

Besides, IT was *still* SUNNY Out. A little WARMER, with MUCH *less* WIND than Yesterday! And, We were in Need of doing the "MILK-RUN" to COSTCO.

Oooo... The "Regular" CHEERIOS are *finally* "IN STOCK"! AND, massively ON SALE!! Yay!
I *needed* Some.

We didn't Linger for long... Had to "beat" the RUSH-HOUR-TRAFFIC to get to TRAINYARDS, with a slight Detour to the MAIN POST OFFICE. -- We had a PARCEL to Ship out to The PRINCESSES...

Next, a Quickie-Looksee-Didn't-Buy-Anything at WALMART. Then, on to MICHAEL'S.

Found a Couple more of those COLOURED-CLEAR-EGG-BULBS... And, the TIN-EGGS were Half-Price -- "TINS", *another* of My LONG-Time-"COLLECTING"-Items! - Gotta STORE My *Other* "COLLECTIBLES" someWHERE...

Made it Back HOME *before* the TRAFFIC got Bothersome.

...hmm, come to think of it... I also managed to get waay more GREEN-LIGHTS than "Normal"...
I wonder What *THAT'S* about?!! -- HEY! Got *another* $7. Tonight?! - huh. Fourth Time in a Week... SCAAR-RY..!!


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