Saturday, March 17, 2012



IT was Warm. SUNNY!! You'd think that IT was "SPRING" or Something! -- Well... Except for that Stubborn Patch of Dirty-Icy-SNOW that's still covering a THIRD of the Lawn. But, HEY! Right along the Edge of the Walk, there's this bit of GROWING PLANT LIFE!!

And, *NO LIE*, IT's some SHAMROCKY-CLOVER-Looking bit of Flora!!

Anyhoo... TODAY, We were off to "Big-Box"-Country down on INNES... It's been Months since We've been that Way!

First Stop - WALMART - and, if it hadn't been for the Water-Tower, I might have *missed* the Turn-Off, as the Whole-Area is so "Built-Up" now!

We were "Greeted" by OLDER-SPARKLY-GREEN-BOWLER-HAT-GUY, with Whom, MOTHER had a few
"Holiday"-Flirty-Chats with... We just ended up with a bit of Groceries.

Then, it was across the Parking Lot to another Store for My "DR.PEPPER" that was "on sale". Where, We had the Sweet, yet, rather *PERKY*-I'M-GUESSING-TOO-MUCH-CAFFEINE-GOING-ON-BRIGHT-ORANGE-NAILPOLISH-CHECKOUT-GIRL!

Next, MICHAEL'S...

I got more METAL LETTERS! And, Found Two more of that HOUNDS-TOOTH RIBBON! -- BTW, the YARN Selection at THAT Location is a tad Better... Picked up a Couple of the - ABOVE - "MERCURY" Shade.

oh. hey. look. "20-CENT-SCRAPBOOKING-SHEETS"...

This is The Part, where I make a SPECIAL-MENTION of "SUSAN" - the Extremely HELPFUL My-*Age*-WEARER-of-the-SPARKLY-GREEN-FESTIVE-PARTY-TIARA-"FLOOR"-CLERK! And, PRICE-GUN-Slinger!

Unlike, the TRAINYARDS Location [which has 4], THIS MICHAEL'S doesn't have *any* "PRICE-CHECK"-Stations! -- A "Fact" that SUSAN was unaware of, and made *NOTE* for the Next Staff-Meeting!

After spending waay too much Time There, We went Next-Door to VALUE-VILLAGE. Found the BLUE WOOL for 99-Cents. ALSO, over 4-Meters of what appears to be COTTON-LINEN FABRIC for $5.99! -- At least, IT *FEELS* like IT! ...And, IT isPretty "CORAL"-PINK.

The "Hour" was getting on, so We headed HOMEward... Via, THE MALL, of course.

By Then, Cloudiness creeped up on the Horizon... With, a Later-in-the-Evening "Isolated" THUNDER-CELL passing by... Which, much to My Disappointment, did NOT Result in the Formation of a *LUCKY*-LOTTERY-WIN-"RAINBOW"-AT-NIGHT!!

[..that's the LAST time I Buy a LOTTERY TICKET from a GREEN-SHIRTED-SHORT-GUY!!]


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