Sunday, March 18, 2012

The WEATHER's "Disguise-of-the-Day" -- **SUMMER**!!

HOWEVER, I'M BETTING THAT BY THE END OF THE WEEK... IT'll be so "Hot & Bothered", that IT'll *welcome* the more-than-likely-very-probable-ANNUAL-FIRST-DAY-OF-"SPRING"-**SNOWSTORM**!!

If NOT "Then", the BACK-UP DATE will surely be EASTER WEEKEND - as MOTHER and I have
"PLANS"... [..shush! don't *tell* The WEATHER!]


IT was 21C - [70F] - SUNNY!
More SNOW Melted.
MOTHER hung out Her First Laundry-Load of the Year!
*My* LOAD is in the Laundry-Room. Away from Tree-Pollens and Ornithological-FLYBYs!

Just the "Usual" Post-Saturday-SHOPfari-RECOVERY!


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