Saturday, March 31, 2012

Off-TRACK Retailing at the ZOO-shopolis

OR, "MARSHALL"ing the TRAINYARDS Traffic...

okay... Just to FAST-FORWARD to the "Punchline" of this About-to-be-Quite-EPIC-Tale-of-Mercantile-MAYHEM -- WHOever "Designed" the TRAINYARDS *Roadways*, should be Arrested!! -- just saying...

I probably SHOULD have Expected IT - the Horrendous TRAFFIC SNARL - at the POORLY-Designed-Intersection that leads to MICHAEL'S and to the *newly* OPENED - [on Thursday]
- "MARSHALL'S", right NEXT DOOR. -- Plenty of Parking was to be had, GETTING *TO* IT was the Difficulty!

Although, *quite* Surprisingly, We got through IT all in far LESS Time than I had thought Possible! -- A Fortunate bit of Luck, as We were running Late, and had only 20-Minutes or so to take Advantage of MICHAEL'S 20%-OFF-Your-ENTIRE-Purchase! - MOTHER had wanted some Certain BOXES...

After THAT was Accomplished with a Few Moments to Spare, We settled IN to Look at Other Stuff... From 1:00pm, there was the 50%-OFF Coupon that I wanted to Use on *more* YARN! - Got another PURPLE One.

Meanwhile, at the Bottom of a Large-Almost-Empty-CLEARANCE-BIN, I Found THESE - [BELOW] - DOUBLE-POINT KNITTING NEEDLES for only $1.49... I Like these Aluminum Ones. And, the Colour!

We didn't Stay for as Long as We usually do, however, SINCE THE CAR was sort of "TRAPPED" in the Parking Lot, We Strolled on over to MARSHALL'S... Seeing as We were in the MIDDLE of the *ZOO*, We would have been Remiss in *not* Checking-out the WILDLIFE!

hmm... Looks a LOT like the "WINNERS" Stores... I'm sure My SISTER would probably "Love" IT - but, Me, not-so-much... Of course, the Hour-Plus-Long-CHECKOUT-Line didn't seem all that *encouraging*, either! Mind You, the Store does have *great* Lighting, and Nice-Small-Shopping-CARTS.

Shockingly, the Merchandise-Mauling-MASSES appeared to be somewhat more "CIVIL" than Usual... TRAFFIC "INside" was considerably more Fluid than "OUTside"!

Once DONE with Our Quickie-Looksee, and MOTHER did Her Washroom "Perusal", off We were to Extract THE CAR... There was a *momentary* LULL in the Gridlock! -- We still had to GET to WALMART on the FAR-SIDE of the COMPLEX!

I pulled a Drive-AROUND-the-Traffic-STORM-and-Come-IN-the-BACKWAY Course of Action, ONCE, We got to THE INTERSECTION...

We did a Fast Run-Through There before Leaving the Area, and then headed to Our OLD NEIGHBOURHOOD to get more Groceries... And, seeing as IT was a NICE-Day and "sort of" *not* OUT of Our "WAY", We dropped by the VALUE-VILLAGE before Our Last Stop at THE MALL.

The PATTERN reminds Me of My BLANKETS!

I have NO Idea on "what" the FIBER-CONTENT of THIS FABRIC *is*, but I was totally Smitten with ITS "WEAVE"! -- The PICS do the COLOUR-INTRICACY absolutely NO Justice!! It's near Impossible to Distinguish *which* is the RIGHT-side of the Fabric! -- I might just have to Use IT as a SCREEN...

There were TWO BALLS of the YARN. - [TOP] - 100% VIRGIN WOOL. Old... IT's an UMBER-BROWN with a Hint of an EVERGREEN Tinge to IT. And, just 99-Cents for the LOT.

At THE MALL, more Groceries... And, a Shiny-Chrome-Wired-Storage-BASKET On-Sale that I *completely* FORGOT ABOUT at CHECKOUT! I didn't Remember IT until Later This Evening! -- IT's most likely been *Accidently* CRUSHED by Other CARTS by Now!

...nuts! IT could have been Stylishly-USEFUL...


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