Friday, March 30, 2012


WOW! Holy DELIVERY-TIME-DILATION! -- I just Ordered THIS on SUNDAY - [SEE 25MAR2012 POST] - Who *knew* that "8 to 10 Weeks" was KELLOGG'S-SPECIAL-Speak for "FIVE Business Days"?!!

But, THERE IT was, wrapped in heavy-BLACK-Plastic looking like Someone had put a piece of PVC-Pipe on Our Mailbox-Hooks... It wasn't until I saw the Address-Label that I Realized WHAT IT was!

The Colour...IT's *very* BRIGHT! -- A tad *too* Glowy-RED I would Think, for the theoretical Tranquil "ZEN" of YOGA..??

Of course, *IF* IT had been in a Soft-Passive-PASTEL, then IT *wouldn't* have Matched the COMPANY "LOGO"... OR, be FREE! -- And, *really*, WHERE's the MARKETING-**FUN** in THAT??!! huh?

Anyhoo... IT's still a good Quality Piece-of-Pliable-Plastic that would make a Great Sitting-MAT on Grass or Whatever... Perhaps, even across some Table..? -- No matter...have I mentioned the Part where... IT was FREE!!?!


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