Friday, March 2, 2012


I'M CELEBRATING YOUR "16"-ness with THIS *CONCOCTION* that "NANA" has just submitted to Me for "Taste-Testing"..?!?

-- Much RASPBERRIES, BLUEBERRIES, CHOCOLATE-Pudding-Cake, COCOA, more SOMEthing-Chocolate-[does-it-*really*-matter?-IT's-Chocolate!], and OTHER It's-Probably-For-The-Best-That-I-Don't-Know-Ingredients... She was Cleaning out the Pantry-Cupboard...

Anyhoo... The Raspberries were on the Strong-side, otherwise, quite Tasty. I'm certain that My Daily FRUCTOSE-Intake-Levels have been Surpassed! -- I'LL LIVE! - If NOT, well, I at least "went-out" with CHOCOLATE!!

ah. And here, I thought that I'd have NOTHING to BLOOG-About Today besides The SHOVELING!
-- I took care of the Last 25% of the Property-Area that FATHER didn't DO, Yesterday.

hmm... IT was "suppose" to "RAIN"..?? - I guess We did "miss" most of that STORM-Front, afterall... However, the "Latest-Rumour" is for WINDS and FREEZING-RAIN, later Tonight and ALL-Day, Tomorrow!! ...We'll have to *Wait & See*, huh?


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