Thursday, March 1, 2012

"GAME OF..." Treats!?

WE GOT "LUCKY"... sorta...

Despite there being Several Inches, Today's Cryo-Accumulation was NOT as *much* as I had Expected. Most of the SNOW was actually being Blown off of the Roof! -- Which, ought to be rather Helpful, Later...

So, it was into the Blistery-Blowing-Weather, that I set Forth onto My Journeys to DOWNTOWN...

I am soooo Glad that I had Chosen to Wear My "Shoveling"-RAINBOOTS, instead of My usual Short-BOOTS! The DOWNTOWN Street-Corners were SWAMPED by DIRTY-Sandy-Slushie-PUDDLES! YUCK!! -- I hate to Admit "This", but that *Crap* ALMOST makes Our "Local" EVIL-SNOWPLOW-POOP look PRISTINE!!

Anyway, for once, I managed to Arrive at My Appointment a Half-Hour EARLY! So, of course,
"THEY" were Running 20-Minutes Late! -- Had I known, I would have Spent that Time at KNIT-KNACKERS - THEN - rather than AFTERward...

Where, I *took* My Time, seeing as IT will likely be My LAST TIME There! - [SEE 19FEB2012 POST]
I made-up for IT by Spenting WAAY too *much* Money!! ...AFTER, a Sweet-Little-OLD-European-Accented-LADY Customer had Graciously-Admired My "SHAN-TOQUE"! - [SEE 25AUG2012 POST]

THIS is just a SAMPLE of My LAST Acquisitions... There were TWO more BALLS of that BLOOD-RED on The LEFT. And, NINE more of the NAVY on The TOP - THOSE are a MERINO-SILK-CASHMERE Mix! Not to mention, NOT "Cheap"! -- BUT, I just *couldn't* RESIST!

The Hardest Part was Choosing the NAVY over a DARK CHOCOLATE Shade! ..I think THEY had some LIGHT GREEN, too..?

The "Hour" was getting on, so I had to Move-On... The RIDEAU CENTRE was along My Path Homeward... I made a Brief-NO-Purchase-Peruse of OLD NAVY, then a "Walk-In" at HMV - Where a surprisingly *Fortuitous* moment occurred!

Next Week, the "Season-1" DVDs of "GAME OF THRONES" come OUT... I *don't* have the CABLE-STATION that Aired IT, so I have YET to SEE IT!  And, since I'm a Big "FAN"
of JASON MOMOA, Who also *happens* to be IN IT, I have "Plans" on making a Purchase.

So, when I inquired about IT's probable-Price, the Very-HELPFUL-30-Something-Heavy-Metal-Store-CLERK *GAVE* Me a **FREE**
"EPISODE-1" Promotional DVD!! Oooo, SWEET!!!

BTW, I Viewed IT Tonight... The List of
"PLAYERS" is Complicated, but I just *know* that IT's gonna be FUN to Watch the REST of IT!! -- Can't Wait!!

Then, I was OFF onto My Next BUS...

Before My BUS-Transfer ran out of Time, I popped into LOBLAW to get a few Things. And, came across THESE Cute Foot-High METAL TRASH CANS that were On-Sale for just a Few-Dollars!

I got an additional GREEN One for Me. While THIS One will be going to CADET-JUNIOR and the PINK One to LITTLE-PRINCESS-BIG-RED.

From There, I was off to the BULK BARN - LAST DAY on My
"$3. OFF" Coupon...

But, You have to Spend $10.-Worth... I had $8.-and-Change... SWEET-Really-Young-CASHIER-LAD gave Me the Discount ANYWAY!!

*Fortunes*-in-Tow, I had My LAST BUS to Catch! -- AFTER Waiting 20-Minutes for IT!

Meanwhile, IT's almost 7pm! I have *yet* to have Dinner. There's *STILL* SHOVELING to DO *before* IT Melts and gets supposively Rained on,
Tomorrow...  So, *Imagine* My "Surprise" as the BUS Drives BY to My "Stop", that I "NOTICE"
that The-SNOW-IS-GONE?!!

Huh. MR.FIX-IT-NEIGHBOUR's Snowblower..?? -- Yet, the FRONT-WALK has been DONE, too...

Well. As IT turns out, **FATHER** decided to get some FRESH-AIR This Afternoon, and, *Play* with MY SHOVELS!




  1. Nice colours sno, my game of thrones gets posted monday i hope hugs tinkx

  2. I still need to get my Game of Thrones...but HBO played all of them again recently with our On Demand programming. I finally got caught up reading the books too!

    Love the yarn! I plan on going out to see what I can find this weekend. I might need to plan a trip to Minneapolis soon...


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