Thursday, August 25, 2011



Seriously. I could have DONE a BLANKET in the Amount of TIME it took to Make THIS!!
-- Then again... I *was* in the Middle of "CREATING"! Not certain IF I can actually Reproduce IT again...

But, IF I "did", I'd likely make IT a Tad SMALLER! I suppose, though, once IT gets WASHED, some
Shrinkage will occur... Okay... IT probably IS the Proper Size, afterall! And, there is still a bit of YARN Left - enough for "TESTING".

Actually, IF I'd had *more* Skeins, I might have kept GOING and ended up with a VEST! Or, a SWEATER!! -- Alas, I had just enough for The SHAN-TOQUE!

Oh, BTW, before I FORGET!
-- FAIRY-T!! THANKS for that Sprinkle of "Pixie-Beanies"... The "reduction" Part HELPED!


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