Tuesday, August 9, 2011

IT **WASN'T** ME!! - I *DIDN'T* "DO" IT!!


It's rather "ANNOYING", isn't it, WHEN "TECHNOLOGY" *SCREWS UP*?!!

-- There I was, all READY to go ONLINE to Post Yesterday's ENTRY, after Finishing that LARGE SCARF... My Eyes were pretty much falling OUT of My Head. I figured, what, 10 Minutes perhaps, to get the Deed done..? uh-huh...

I have DIAL-UP. -- The COMPUTER is "dialing". The PROVIDER "picks up". That Earwax-Melting-Squeal is broadcasted. And then, I wait. And Wait. AND WAIT, for the LOGIN Protocols to Confirm. ahh... NOT happening... WHY??

I spent the next HALF-HOUR - around the 2am mark - "piddling" with the SOFTWARE that I really DON'T know *enough* about, "assuming" THAT might be the Problem..?? -- I went to Bed. Hoping, that IF it was a Problem with The PROVIDER, perhaps it would be *CLEARED UP* in the Morning..?

Yeah! *That* Happened... NOT!

I felt like I'd LOST a Limb!! -- Okay.. Perhaps NOT *THAT* BAD.. Maybe more akin to Breaking-A-Nail-AFTER-The-Over-Priced-Manicure-The-Day-OF-The-BIG-"Hand-Modelling"-Gig sort of thing..? OR, having the Head of a Favourite Crochet HOOK Break OFF! -- Whichever, definitely, SOME "Psycho-Emotional-Cybernetic-MAIMING" going on!

AND, I didn't Win on the LOTTERY, either!! -- Pooh!

WHATEVER! I had Things-To-DO-Places-To-BE! ON Time.

Hey, I even BROUGHT The COMPUTER *with* Me!! I never do THAT! -- The PLACE had FREE WIFI. Which, I've never really used before, and discovered that I should have done some "Prep" Work first... LONG-STORY-SHORT - I should have just kept The THING at HOME, instead of *lugging* IT around!

Seeing as, it wasn't until after I got Back and "Piddled" for another Half-Hour, that EVERYTHING snapped back and I was SUDDENLY "ONLINE"!!? -- AH! So. It *wasn't* ME?!! YAY!!

Oh, BTW, that SCHEDULED-"THING" went off WELL! -- "EVERYONE" Loved My STUFF! And, were quite Surprised to Receive IT. - Including, a rather Lovely Complete-STRANGER, Who was "nearby"
and had made-known - earlier - that it was Her 89th Birthday, Today!!

...I had EXTRA STUFF with Me... It made Her DAY...


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