Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It *Must* Be TUESDAY

"THE CITY" *DOING* ?Something? with Big Trucks - CHECK.

No One knows for sure WHAT is going on... Just LOTS of really ANNOYING NOISE!! -- Which had awoken Me at 7am Yesterday, when They were on the Street behind Us!

...Anyway. They appear to be Core-Drilling-Vacuuming a couple of Feet of Soil near the Curb... And, closeby, there're what looks like short Cylinders..? Wiring too, maybe..?


Meanwhile, there are 6 or 7 Trucks along the Road. They *haven't* Touched Our Lawn. Just RIPPING UP the Nasty-Newer-Neighbours-Nextdoor's... Ahh.. Our Municipal Tax Dollars AT Work!

In the End, Those CYLINDERS were Attached to The BLUE WIRES and Buried into the Holes-In-The-Trench...

hmm... I have to Wonder... Is THIS *HOW* STREET-LIGHTS are Grown..?


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