Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Remember Now...

.."WHY" IT IS, that I *prefer* to Work with COTTON... -- Waaay LESS *SHEDDING*!!

It wasn't UNTIL I started Using the ALPACA-MERINO Yarn, that I *noticed* ALL of the "HAIRS"! Albeit, rather Nice-Soft-Better-Quality-Than-My-Own HAIR... But, still... Not being a PET-Owner
- [..Dust Bunnies *don't* count!], I'm just not used to IT, I suppose.

  It could be Worse... Could be FUR-BALLS!! ewww!  
 -- BTW, is it just Me, OR, does That "Reflection" in the Background LOOK like a 
 "KLINGON BIRD of PREY" decloaking?!!
 Maybe, even an "OORT CLOUD"..?

Cotton FLUFF, is easier to spot and confine. Also, IT's what gives My DUST BUNNIES Their high
"Thermal Insulation Rating"!

..hmm... I wonder IF "Crocheting" would reduce the Shedding... All of that "knotting" would keep the Hairs more Secure in the YARN. However, considering the Price and Limited Quantity of the WOOL, I think I'll stick to "Knitting" with IT!

-- I'll just have to commence with "Collecting" those HAIRY-Bits... Perhaps, start an "ORT" JAR. I can throw IN all of My odd Cotton Bits, too. Then, "Someday", SPIN IT into *more* YARN!!

...wait! -- I'm going to have LEARN *how* to SPIN first... NUTS!! There goes THAT "PLAN" for GLOBAL FIBER-IZATION!!


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