Friday, August 19, 2011

Celebrating "THE 400th" At The MOVIES!

WOOHOO!! IT'S BIG KAHUNA'S "CONAN" DAY!! -- And, oh, yeah... BLOOG ENTRY #400 in AS many DAYS!

Anyhoo... JASON "CONAN" MOMOA has been ONE of those "UP AND COMERS" that I've been "Following" for a few Years... As a Result, I've become casually acquainted with His MOTHER, and made "FAN"-Friends with Several Other Like-Minded Individuals.

A BUNCH of US, met up a Fan-Run SCI-FI Convention a Couple of Years ago, where WE actually got to MEET JASON! - Finally! -- You know, *BEFORE* He got "really" FAMOUS! -- IT was a **GREAT** Weekend!!


First off... I've never been a Big Fan of "3D". Especially, as Someone who is "Visually-Impaired". Let's face it, 3D-Specs OVER Regular-Glasses... sooo NOT Cool-Looking!! And, I didn't see any
"CLIP-ON" Types around either...

"DARK ROOM" - Good!
"NOT on a DATE" - Better!

But, OTHER than THAT, I did Enjoy The MOVIE! -- Okay, LOTS of Blood and Gore and Violence and the required helping of Naked People... The BIG KAHUNA included! - [Worth the $13.99 Admission alone!] - Granted, the Script wasn't that Epic Drama, but the ACTION Part *was*! JASON is rather Gifted in making Sword-Play extremely Entertaining.

RON PERLMANBrilliant Performance as always! And, LEO HOWARD as "Young CONAN", pretty much BLEW Everyone away! He had JASON's Expressions and Mannerisms Nailed! I see a Successful Career in His Future!

Anyway... I look forward to the DVD! And, in following JASON's Path to Bigger and Better Things!!
-- I'm putting My Bets on Future Governor of HAWAII...!!


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  1. Yay glad you have sen it, we are going wednesday after work(hopefully) hugs tinkx


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