Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shopping, Sub-Sandwiches..SNAKE-Sighting??!!

YOU KNOW... On *SOME* Days, The BLOOG "Subject Matter"...IT just Writes Itself!

The Day began, "Normal" enough... Up LATE. Breakfast. Read the Paper. Phoned the Yarn Store to
"Hold" some of the Other Colours of that Yarn I bought Last Week - [MOTHER & I are BUS-Tripping out that way Tomorrow for the BANK STREET SIDEWALK SALE]. Got ready to go "Solo-Shopping"...

Needed to go to THE BIG MALL... Bank. Art Supply Store to get MOTHER a specific Scrapbooking Sheet for SISTER. General Power-Browsing... Hey! I *was* a Good Girl! -- Only got Two ON SALE Slub-Cotton T-SHIRTS at THE GAP!

And, a SUB-Sandwich at SUBWAY... It was WHILE I was at The Checkout, that My Attention was directed - via the exclamations of The-Older-Cashier-Guy - toward "THIS GUY" strolling by With-A-Snake-Around-His-Neck!?!

I only caught sight of the Back of His Head and the SNAKE-Collar... I didn't see ITS Head, so I'm
"assuming" that IT was most probably a BOA..?

Huh. I didn't know the FOOD COURT had a "McMICE"? -- Won't TheBronxZooCOBRA be jealous..

From THAT *excitement*, it was on to COSTCO for the rather placid MILK-Run... The concluding Stop at THE MALL wasn't all that Inspiring, either!

Oh, well... That'll leave Me with *more* Cash-Flow to Spend Tomorrow, at KNIT-KNACKERS!
-- Oooo! SWEET!! Another $7. on The LOTTERY again! There's ONE SKEIN paid for!


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