Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gonna "Try" This AGAIN!!

YAY!! IT WORKED!! -- I Think...?

Right. So.... There should be at least ONE Good Backup COPY, *DONE*!! ..sorta..

I kind of "broke"  IT up into TWO Sections... That kept the Download Time DOWN and, gave Me
the ability to more readily determine any "SNAGS"... -- Tomorrow, I think I'll give that BACKUP DRIVE Software another "GO"... Then, I'll have Two Versions of the DATA. Just "in case"...

BTW, it was Surprisingly COOL This Morning! With a bit of a Breeze... DARE I say it, Climatic-Conditions were just outright PLEASANT! - Which is somewhat, "SCARY"!

-- Then AGAIN, it took Me almost an HOUR to LOGON This Morning! -- I swear! I'm being TECHNO-MAGED!

Anyway, between various ERRANDS, I *DID* manage to "do-up" ONE WASHCLOTH - in BIRCH.


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