Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"..the Pesky Whabbit, Made Me DO It..!!"

YARN "ACQUISITION" -- IT IS a DISEASE... Albeit, an Enjoyable, Comforting, and IF "Maintained" properly, perhaps a Resourceful and Profitable one..?

HOWEVER, SOME Times, IT's the RESULT of being *under* the Inescapable-MIND-CONTROL-Of-The-RESOURCEFULLY-PROFITABLE-I-Sooo-Have-The-RUN-Of-The-SHOP-Cute-Fuzzy-Watchout-You-Might-Not-Want-To-Step-On-Sorry-About-That ANGORA-RABBIT...

...Who, also, comes with BACK-UP!


...There were these 2-Cubic-Feet sized BUCKET-BASKETS. On Wheels, with long Handles...


33 SKEINS from The BARGAIN TABLE... Or, as MOTHER called IT - The SANDBOX...

Odd BALLS of SUPER SOFT MERINO kept bouncing off Me INTO The BUCKET! -- Oh! LOOK! "Wool AND Silk"! -- PLOP!

BTW, let's NOT Forget having to GET as MANY COLOURS as We CAN of that "Alpaca-Merino" GUANACO like I bought Last Week!

The COLOURS are much more Vibrant than Here. And that BLUE one is actually more of a Sage-Green.... And the ABOVE-RIGHT one, much more OLIVE.

TWO BUBBLE-GUM PINK BAGS of nearly 3-KILOS of YARN not quite covering the Ginormous HOLE in My WALLET, Later...

I'm fairly Convinced that MOTHER was ALSO under the "Influence"... How could I tell? -- Easy! She *NEVER* Blinked OR B*tched ONCE over how MUCH I bought and/or the COST!! - Whenever
I buy My COTTON YARN - [sans nearby Bunnies] - She's *usually* all OVER My Case!

It was quite *SCARY*, actually...

Eventually, We were Released from the BRAIN-BENDING-BUNNIES of KNIT-KNACKERS, and spent the Next Couple of Hours in SEARCH of Additional SIDEWALK SALE "Booty"... NO Luck... We headed Home...

So... To "REVIEW"...
  • FREE BUS FARE for SENIORS on Wednesdays -- A Good Thing!
  • Having to Herd MOTHER onto Two Buses -- Not so much...
  • Taking The CAR to THE MALL -- Brilliant. Saved at least one Bus-Ride.
  • Outdoor Downtown SIDEWALK SALES -- I think We'll SKIP Next Year!
  • MOTHER got a chance to SEE "The Sights"... -- I hope THAT is out of Her System for a while!
  • I Spend TOO MUCH Money on Yarn! -- But, that 20% Off SALE seriously took the Edge off...


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  1. But the yarn is pretty sno!!hehe hugs tinkx


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