Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sorting... sorta...

WOW! -- I really *DO* Hang ON to Stuff!

I "noticed" Earlier - when I was Checking My E-MAIL - My "IN-BOX" was nearly 50 PAGES!

..oh-kaay.. Time to SORT OUT Those Puppies, huh?!! -- And even after an Hour, I *wasn't* done! Halfway through, I moved over to My "SEND" Box... I needed a Change of Scenery.

Afterward, I tackled My "MONTH-END" Stuff... The STOCK MARKETS have **NOT** been Kind!
If They don't Improve, there will be *much* LESS YARN-BUYING in My Later-Future! -- And, We CAN'T have *THAT*, can WE?!

Meanwhile... I've managed a Couple of more INCHES on PROJECT "MER-PACA"... Which, is seriously TAKING FOREVER!

Haven't finished off Those FIRST 2 BALLS yet... A GOOD Thing! I'm still trying to judge the Quantity. So far, My Guess-timation is likely SIX BALLS..? -- That's about $32. worth of YARN!


...just saying...


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  1. true, imagine knitting a whole jumper 25 balls or more!!! hugs tinkx


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