Sunday, August 14, 2011

"...When, Along Came..."


...Well...*EXCEPT*, perhaps - at LONG Last - for the Part where I got to Speak to My Bestest BFF, SISTER-S!! What with being THREE TIME ZONES apart, AND the whacky "Logistics" of Our Lives, We've been Playing PHONE-TAG for *Months*!!

We *chatted* for an Hour or so... over Family, Our respective weird Weather, the usual BFF "stuff"!

Anyway, My Long-Distance Plan certainly had a workout! -- Earlier, MOTHER had been speaking with My Paternal COUSINS in SCOTLAND and ENGLAND... "Apparently", FATHER's BIG-SISTER has taken to NOT answering either of Her Phones! - He had been concerned about NOT being able to Contact Her...

So. As to the Rest of My THRILLING Day..!!
  • Did My "SUNDAY" LAUNDRY Load.
  • Played with One of My *new* USB JUMPDRIVES that I purchased Yesterday.
  • Hung the LAUNDRY up.
  • A GINORMOUS [..Is that a S.A.G. Card?..] SPIDER tried to Ninja ITS way into My "Personal Space"... [-- Seriously? Rappelling behind My Laptop WHERE-I-CAN-*SEE*-YOU ?!!]
  • I ZEN-ned IT!
  • Returned SISTER's E-Mail.
  • Called up SISTER-S.
  • Did My OLD NAVY "Receipt" SURVEY. [The Discount covers the Taxes..]
  • It Thundered...
  • Took care of more Cyber Stuff.
  • Read.
  • It RAINED.
  • IT really was a **BIG** Spider!!


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