Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I *CAN'T* Believe That I'm "Admitting" To This..

...ESPECIALLY *AFTER* one of the WETTEST SPRINGs on Record!  BUT, considering HOW Dry and HOT it's been for the Last TWO Months, Last Night's RAIN was actually a GOOD THING!
-- Today has been On-and-Off-Overcast with this Weird-Lingering-IT-Doesn't-Know-*What*-IT-Wants-To-Do-Or-Know-*Where*-IT-Wants-To-Go THUNDER-CLOUD CELL that's hanging about...

Seriously. IT's just Wandering around the Area, GRUMBLING along, and not really Precipitating at all! ...YET! -- I'm not certain if IT *noticed* The ELDERLY PARENTAL-UNITS leaving the House to go Shopping..? However, WHEN IT does, IT'll *probably* RAIN just on Them!!

Anyway... It was actually "Momentarily" SUNNY pre-NOONish. That's when MOTHER directed Me to the Current Status of Her SUNFLOWER as She was shoo-ing away a Pesky BLACK SQUIRREL, that may have had ulterior motives toward IT...

Hmm.... That THUNDER-CLOUD, *must* have found THEM... It's DOWNPOURING now, yet, the SUN is OUT over *Where* I know THEY *aren't*! ...Typical...


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