Thursday, August 18, 2011


I DID SOMETHING, that I "haven't" in AGES!! -- KNITTING!!

With the *exception* of a rather Brief Period over a Year ago, I haven't "PLAYED" with STICKS in almost 40-YEARS!! -- WHY..? Well.. to be Honest, *doing* so HURTS My Hands! They cramp up... And, strangely enough, I've *never* had that Problem with CROCHETING.

Not to mention, I find CROCHET *more*...
  • VERSATILE - Imagine having to do that whole "SURVIVOR" Thing..? One can always Crochet with Their Fingers if They don't have the means to whittle a Hook. And, a Crocheted FISH NET is much more Stronger than a Knotted one. BTW, have You ever TRIED Spearing Fish with Knitting Needles?
  • FASTER - In the Time it TOOK Me to KNIT that Half-Square-Yard Sampler Last Year, I could have CROCHETED at least TWO of My Larger BLANKETS!
  • THREE-DIMENSIONAL - I Love TEXTURE. Depth. A place to *hide* the Tailends!

HOWEVER! *THAT* Said... ALL of that "LUX" YARN I bought Yesterday was just SUCKING Me **OVER TO THE DARK SIDE**!!! -- Last Night... I found My Circular-Needles and, *began* THIS...

IT's that WOOL-SILK Mix which I have 3 Balls of... I. HAVE. **NO**. IDEA. OF. "WHAT". I. AM. MAKING! -- I... am JUST... MAKING...

And, I'm curious to see HOW Far a Ball will get Me. -- BTW, This Yarn FEELS GREAT!

MEANWHILE... Today, is My Late Maternal-GRANDFATHER's Birthday!! He passed away in '84... I was His Eldest Grandchild and He was the only Grandfather I really *knew* -- [My Paternal One lived in ENGLAND and I had only seen Him ONCE for a Few Weeks when I was 6!]

"PEPE" and I spent a lot Time together. Shared a love for Books, Conversation, and a Thirst for Knowledge. He loved to "Debate"... I miss Him..



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