Saturday, August 13, 2011


WE ONLY FOUND One YARD SALE... So, WHY am I totally Pooped?! -- Oh! I know... Maybe,
it was BECAUSE We were OUT for almost SIX HOURS!!

Granted, it was a NICE Day out. SUNNY between the Ginormous-We-Want-Be-Silly-Shapes-Then-Rain-&-Thunder-On-Someplace-Later CLOUDS. HOT! ...And, Everyone seems to be Up-At-The-Cottage for the most part. The "Saturday-Traffic" was on the lighter-side.

We flicked through BEACON HILL. No Yard Sales. Decided to head over to CHAPEL HILL... Haven't
been There for a while... Nothing on the Northside, just the ONE on the Southside. -- Where, We bought FABRIC...

..yeah... Like I really "need" MORE! -- Anyway, MOTHER bought a Bunch, and I, got THESE...

THIS One - [ABOVE] - is a rather Heavy and Thick BROCADE. Upholstery-grade Quality. 52"-wide by a Meter in Length... For the whopping Amount of 50-CENTS!!

And, for $2. I got about 5-Yards of THIS - [LEFT]
- Light-weaved COTTON FABRIC [IT could possibly have some LINEN in IT]. The Machine-Embroidery
"Ribbon" is likely Polyester.

I suppose IT could be used to make SHAMS or a DUVET COVER...?

Doesn't matter, really. The Price was Right!

From There, it was on to "Grocery-Getting" and the "Acquisition-of-Other-STUFF"...

Made a quick Run through WALMART... I had wanted to go There for the Past Week to catch the SALE of THESE  USB JUMPDRIVES - [RIGHT]Thankfully, They STILL were and, that there were LOTS Left!

At "$8. for 8Gb and $16. for 16Gb", I GOT a FEW!

Next, it was the Little LCBO [Liquor Store] - MICHAELS - VALUE VILLAGE - HOMESENSE - WINNERS Strip Mall... We started out in VV, then MOTHER ended up at MICHAELS and I, checked out HOMESENSE...

Where, I ended up Assisting some Nice-SHOPPER-Lady that We'd mutually bumped into Each Other
in the Carpet Section. She was looking for a RUG... And, was waiting for Her BFF to show up and
"weigh-in" on the "Choices". I think I managed to convince Her to get the One I thought would Best suit Her Needs. -- [hehe!] She *thought* I was a "Designer"!! ...Must have been ALL of those ADJECTIVES I like to throw around!

Whatever... For $200. IT *was* a Lovely Carpet... DARK BROWN and PEACOCK-TEAL in a rather Subtle "Oriental"-flavoured Floral-Stencil Patterned Chenille... Would've worked with Modern or Classic Decor.

-- Actually, I *have* Stuff that would have gone Great with IT! Although, personally, *I* would have preferred IT in a SILK rather than the VISCOSE. But, that's just *Me* and My I-Need-A-Huge-Lottery-Win Tastes!

Anyhoo... Afterward, it was brief perusal of The SUPERSTORE and back toward HOME with a Stop at THE MALL.

The CAR was Glad to get back to ITS *COOL* Garage!

MEANWHILE - before I Forget! - IF You have the Time AND Inclination... Head over to --

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